Tito's Bunker & Boracko lake

Amazing Tour discovering secrets from the past!

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Arrival at 09:30 at Visit Bosnia agency ( Stara carsija bb, Konjic/old bridge). Transport to Tito’s shelter.

Tito’s Shelter in Konjic has been a well-kept secret for years. It was built in secret from 1953 to 1979, called ARK, in order to save Tito and his 350 closest associates in case of a nuclear disaster. This imposing structure with concrete mass columns lies on about 6,500 square meters and it is about 300 meters deep below the earth's surface.

The shelter was built in the case of nuclear war, it is meant to provide functioning central military operations (shelter for Supreme Command Staff) and a shelter for President Tito, his family, and closest associates. This structure is a maze with more than a hundred rooms and a fully preserved inventory (consisting of a number of residential areas; a conference room, offices and a presidential vault) was designed to provide and secure the survival of 350 people for six months. By the 1990s, the construction (net worth $ 4.6 billion) and the existence of this shelter was the most well-kept military secret.

Duration: 90 min.

After visiting Tito’s bunker transport to Boracko lake (18km)

The Boračko Lake, 20 km from Konjic, standing at an altitude of 420 metres, 720-metre long and 402-metre wide, is the largest natural mountain basin apart from being one of the most beautiful of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Surrounded by green, coniferous and broad-leaved woods, characterized by an alpine climate and by crystal-clear waters (in which there is an abundance of particularly delicious trout and prawns), the lake attracts crowds of tourists, sportsmen, hunters and excursionists, all bewitched by the romantic charm of the place. In the midst of the thick vegetation, it is possible to come across pretty young goats grazing freely.

After walking of one hour, guest are going to Herzegovina Lodges.
First of all,they will get a welcome drink. After it guests can watch how to prepare and cook local dishes. Visit to Herzegovina lodges includes lunch with a variety of local dishes in incredibly beautiful surroundings.

Price of Tito's Bunker & Boracko lake - 33€ /per person (min 4 persons). Transport is not included.