Mountain Visočica

Visočica Mountain Day Tour!

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€43/per person

Mountain Visočica is natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Ljuta River separates it of Treskavica mountain from the east side and the Neretva River separates it from Prenj mountain from the south and southwest, the Canyon of Rakitnica River separates it from Bjelašnica mountain from the west and the north. At the altitude of 1691 m, there is the Poljica necropolis with 49 tombstones, which was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The highest peaks are Mosque (1967 m), Velika Ljeljen (1963 m) and Vito (1960 m). The northern part of the mountain consists of mountain pastures and the southern part is covered with forests. This is an extremely light day-long tour that lasts 5 to 6 hours with breaks for lunch and taking photos. The transport back to the starting point is not included in this tour.

The group comes to the starting point of hiking - the village of Ljuta by organized transport. After a brief introduction to the daily plan, the group takes the path to the so-called "Cemetery" where they can see the necropolis. This is also the place where the first break is planned. After the break, the group continues to the peak called Mosque, from which all the major and most important peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be seen. Planned break at the peak and easy return back. It is important to note that the whole mountain track is marked.

Just bring good will, hiking clothes and comfortable footwear!