Prenj Mountain

Prenj Mountain TWO-DAY Tour!

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€185/per person / min. 4 people

Prenj is the most beautiful, most attractive and the most peaceful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the heart of the Dinaric Mountains, in the northern part of Herzegovina.
The goal of this hiking trip is to reach the peak of Zelena Glava (Green Head).
Zelena Glava is the highest peak of Prenj with an altitude of 2155m.

DAY 1:
The group comes to the starting point of hiking using an organized transport, after a short theoretical and practical training and the presentation of the daily plan the expedition starts. The planned time of this tour is 8-9 hours with several pauses for a short break, taking photos and lunch. The tour includes only the stay in the mountains. The transport to the starting point is not considered a part of the tour.
After conquering the mountain peak, the group is slowly going down to one of the mountain lodges - dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 2:
After breakfast in the mountain lodge, the group moves to the other side of Prenj, this is considered a fitness training tour. After 6-8 hours of hiking - taking a break for lunch and photos, the group goes down to Boračko Lake, in the Villa Sunce - dinner and music; provided.
After dinner - returning to the base.
This (fitness training) tour requires the standard mountaineering equipment adapted to weather conditions.

The most beautiful view is exactly what comes after the toughest climb!