Prenj Mountain

Prenj Mountain - DAILY Tour

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€43/per person / DAILY TOUR

Prenj, the magical mountain, tender and rough at the same time.
Path: Crno polje - Lasni does - Jezerce - a viewpoint (located near Jezerce which provides you an unforgettable view of Konjic). The target point is Jezerce which is actually the natural spring of cold mountain water and the largest spring on the mountain of Prenj. The duration of this tour is 6-8 hours, depending on the physical readiness of the group, including lunch and photography break.

Prenj is the most beautiful, most attractive and the cruelest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the heart of the Dinaric Mountains, in the northern part of Herzegovina. The tour includes only the stay in the mountains. The transport to the starting point is not considered a part of the tour. The group comes to the hiking starting point using organized transport. After a brief introduction to the daily plan, the group slowly starts to hike through the famous Prenj’s plateau: Crno Polje. The tracks are properly marked along the entire route.

The first mountaineering house on Prenj was built in 1933 on the site of Jezerce which was used by the Mountaineers until the last war when it was burnt, unfortunately. After the war, the mountaineering house was rebuilt at the same place and served as an "open mountain home" for all mountaineers and travelers. The official opening of the mountaineering house was held in 2016. The Prenj field is various; in the first step of the walk, you can see the plateaus and deep deciduous forests mixed with coniferous forests. As you approach the goal, only the conifers forest remains. Among these conifers, you can find an endemic species, so-called Whitebark pine.

This day tour is full of breathtaking experience… Passing through Lasni and you have such a beautiful view of the mountain peaks considered to be the heart of Prenj (peaks above 2000 m). Must – have equipment: mountaineering clothes and comfortable footwear.

The choice is yours! Take a hike with us, have an unforgettable experience, be assured that, maybe one day you will return to this magical beauty - the mountain of Prenj!