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The beauty of the Bosnian mountains is an experience that will take your breath away.

Mountain Visočica is a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visočica was named after a great number of its peaks, including the Mosque (1967m), Veliki Ljeljen (1963m) and Vito (1960m) as one of the largest. The northern side of Visočica is made of mountain lawns ranging from 1300 to 1400m and its southern lower part is covered by forest. The necropolis of Poljica with 49 tombstones is also located here. It represents one of the many national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prenj is the most beautiful and the cruelest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the same time. Many hikers call this mountain Himalaya of Herzegovina. There are many peaks. The highest one is called Green Head "Green Head", 2155 m above sea level. This mountain is located in the heart of the Dinarides, in the northern part of Herzegovina.

It stretches between the Neretva river near the city of Konjic to the village of Bijelo Polje near the City of Mostar in the northwest, while the southwestern parts are surrounded by the following mountains: Velež (1969 m), Crvanj (1921 m) and Visočica (1964m).
Prenj belongs to the high mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The peaks of Prenj are interesting and attractive for mountaineers who like to look at different landscapes whether it's glacier lakes or forest meadows...

Čvrsnica is the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Peak / Pločno 2228m). There is a famous natural phenomenon "Hajducka vrata" which was declared the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1985. Due to its diversity and extraordinary beauty, it's one of the most popular destinations for hikers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. Tus mountain is known of numerous endemic species such as Munika sort of domestic of pine, Triton-amphibian life form and endemic fish Spicara flexuosa, both from Crvenjak lake. This is a mountain that fascinates with its beauty, it is the real jewel of Bosnian nature and destination you should visit.


Hiking Tours

Feel the beauty of nature and meet hospitable settlers that still live in Bosnian mountains. Our hiking tours guarantee an unforgettable experience!


The group reaches the hiking starting point Vitlenica with 1470 m above sea level with organized transport. Hikers walk up to 1860 m above sea level to the ”Hajducka Vrata” and mountain house of Vilinac.


The Visočica mountain represents the natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the altitude of 1691m, there is the “Poljica” necropolis with 49 tombstones, which was declared the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

PRENJ MOUNTAIN (one day tour)

Tour: Crno polje - Lasni - Jezerce. The target point is Jezerce, which is actually a source of fresh mountain water and the largest spring on the entire mountain of Prenj. The duration of this tour is 6-8 hours, including breaks.

PRENJ MOUNTAIN (two-day tour)

Prenj is the most beautiful, most attractive and the most peaceful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of this hiking tour is to reach the peak of Zelena Glava (Green Head). It is the highest peak of Prenj with the altitude of 2155 m.a.s.l.