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Bosnia and Herzegovina have an excellent fishing river banks, well maintained clear waters full of fish. Catches – guaranteed.

The Neretva river got its name from Celts, they called the river "Nera Etwa" which means the Divine River, and no doubt this truly is the Nile of Bosnia and Herzegovina and all South-East Europe. Neretva river is home to the Neretva Soft mouth Trout (Salmo obtusirostris), Glavatica (Salmo marmoratus - Marble trout) and Brown Trout (Salmo trutta).

Neretva is such a river where you can practice any fishing method, literally. Dry Fly fishing is the best during the evenings until absolute dark and after. Nymph fishing is better during the day. French nymphing is probably the best way. Spin fishing is also allowed in some places. Fishing rods (2 to 5 kg and 8 to 10 feet) will be perfect for fishing the trout or grayling. Floating line to match the rod is essential. Tippets from 0,14 to 0,10 are preferable.

Small dry flies patterns such as the f fly and small parachute Adams on hooks 14,16,18 as well as emergers as shuttlecock pattern on the same hook sizes are some of the preferable dry flies here. The standard PT and GRHE nymph in small sizes from 12 to 20 are also working great. Stripped peacock quill nymphs also work great during the summer period. “Copper” is the preferable color of the bead.

The fishing season on the Neretva River is opened from April 1st to November 1st , each year. Only one type of fly is allowed, barbless hooks only. The best fishing season starts in June and ends up in September. For dry fly fishing: after the middle of July to end of September.

Tight Lines!


4 days/3 nights - €443/per person

Arrival at Sarajevo airport, transport to Boračko Lake or Glavatičevo. Welcome drink, accommodation, and dinner. A walk through nature, depending on the time of your arrival.

After breakfast – taking the so-called “fly track” with an experienced guide. Lunch in one of the local restaurants and back to the river. After all-day “fly fishing” - returning to the lodge where you can consider your fishing experience among other fishermen, at dinner.

After breakfast, reaching Glavatičevo fishing area with the guide that will give you instructions on the possibilities offered by this special area. The length of the fishing area is 3,600 meters, which ensures uninterrupted fishing for more fishermen that you may not even meet. When the water level is lower, you can go through the entire area in the middle of the river choosing the best locations for your fishing baits. Lunch - by the river. After a full day stay on the Neretva - returning to the accommodation and dinner.

After breakfast - the guests travel to the Sarajevo airport using the arranged transportation. If the weather permits, it is possible to organize the tour of Konjic or Sarajevo.
Note: In our agency, you can find everything you need for fly fishing.
Our guides are also passionate fishermen, so we are sure you will have a lot in common and maybe you make some new friendship.

Arrangement includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation
- Food
- Fishing license
- Professional fly-fishing guide

It is well known that most of the fly-fishers are very humane to fish and often the advocates of the Catch & Release movement which has a beneficial effect on the protection of the fish. In the end, no matter what technique you use to fish your relationship with fish and nature has to be full of respect.
Once caught fish ending up in the dining room and offers pleasure only to those who eat it. But fish that was caught, photographed and returned to water will offer the pleasure to many fishermen and to all of us.
Visit Bosnia whishes you Tight Lines!!!